aren’t we all somehow astronauts? (revised + reposted)


Ed White of Gemeini 4 (1965!)  during the first American EVA i.e. extra-vehicular activity, done by an astronaut outside of a spacecraft beyond the Earth’s appreciable atmosphere. The term most commonly applies to a spacewalk.

This is what we’re really all doing in some way, right?

…Soon after we first posted this, we found The Future is Space in The Essential Neruda: Selected Poems: perfection.

The future is space,
earth-colored space,
color of water, air,
black space with room for many dreams,
white space with room for all snow,
for all music.

Behind lies despairing love
with no room for a kiss.
There’s a place for everyone in forests,
in streets, in houses;
there’s an underground space, a submarine space,
but what joy is to find in the end,

an empty planet
great stars clear as vodka,
so uninhabited and so transparent,
and arrive there with the first telephone
so that so many men can later discuss
all their infirmities.

The important thing is to be scarcely aware of oneself,
to scream from a rough mountain range
and see on another peak
the feet of a woman newly arrived.

Come on, let’s leave
this suffocating river
in which we swim with other fish
from dwan to shifting night
and now in this discovered space
let’s fly to a pure solitude.


via Tara Mann’s tumblr

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One Response to aren’t we all somehow astronauts? (revised + reposted)

  1. sahana martin 03.20.2013 at 2:21pm #

    and we are all made of stars

    Here’s a link to a comment i posted , about being made of stars :
    i was reminded of this recently when listening to Stephen Colbert (not in character ) interviewing Neil deGrasse Tyson ( yet, as this is somewhat long , i was looking for a shorter clip to send (and the music in it was used for Another Earth, also a movie i found astounding)

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