garden in the shower + a moss bathmat

garden in shower

At Unconsumption, we came across this picture with commentary from a couple of different sites:

the first via A Harsh Light: 

craigslist houseshare ad: “i have a garden growing in my shower so you have to use eco-friendly hair products. you will see worms and other insects, and you will occasionally see a spider too but they all help out the ecosystem.”

then Gardens In Unexpected Places commented on it:


I’m all for using graywater to water plants. (Green) thumbs up for this! 

Maybe pair it with this moss bathmat?! 

moss bathmat

Moss bathmat! OMG. Dig THAT! Designed by Nguyen La Chanh, the mat is made from a foam called plastazote covered with ball, island, and forest moss. The humidity of the bathroom allegedly keeps the moss thriving, so it requires little maintenance.

Why not gardens in the bathroom?!!

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7 Responses to garden in the shower + a moss bathmat

  1. RST 03.20.2013 at 2:48pm #

    Cold showers only?

  2. Sally 03.20.2013 at 2:51pm #


  3. Francesca Vitale 02.13.2014 at 9:10am #

    I like the idea of using a moss shower mat. I think this could be very healing for the body, especially since most of us in the metropolitan area very seldom get the chance to walk barefoot in the Earth! Thanks.

  4. Carrie 02.14.2014 at 1:10pm #

    Please please! I want to buy this!!! Let me know where and when it is available.

  5. Sally 02.14.2014 at 3:33pm #

    I think you may need to rig this yourself…

  6. Terrell Moody 11.20.2016 at 7:18pm #

    Would it not just get moldy? The moss bathmat that is. Or in the very least I feel like the moss would get trampled down within the first couple of days- especially in a multi resident home.

  7. Sally Schneider 11.21.2016 at 9:13pm #

    I’m with you. Pretty impossible but really great to think about. Perhaps it would work in some airy tropical place…

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