splatter-painted easter eggs and other last minute ideas

Tessa Traeger Fine Art

Tessa Traeger Fine Art

Suddenly realizing that Easter is just a couple of days away, we started thinking Easter eggs, the symbol of the day both Christian and pagan. Immediately, photographer Tessa Traeger’s egg series came to mind. All eggs collected from various birds, they provide inspiration for egg decorating from Nature. Witness Livet Hamma’s diy spatter-painted eggs below. Easy-to-do, freeform, and potentially really beautiful (with one caveat*).

If, like us, you have been slow to get your Easter act together, look below for last-minute strategies, recipes and ideas.

Livet Hemma

Livet Hemma

recipe for easter and other spring celebrations: boneless leg of lamb with crushed olives
painted stones for home a la max ernst
how to dye easter eggs with food-based dyes (easy!)
wishing you a happy easter, passover… spring
(easter) eggs as blank canvas
last minute ways to get your easter act together
salty-sweet chocolate chip cookie for easter and…
sending easter eggs (+ other oddly-shaped gifts) by mailendi

For an instant Easter e-card, slide this gif, or any of the images in our Easter collection, onto an email and send.



*A concerned reader alerted us to possible dangers of paint-splattering eggs:

Please be aware that an eggshell is permeable, and that using non-food-grade dyes or paints may contaminate the egg and make it undesireable for consumption.  

Artists colors, paints, inks, dyes etc often contain heavy metals like cadmium and lead – and even ‘food’ dyes and colors are best avoided by those with sensitive systems or concerns about chemical intake. 

Top photo couresy of Tessa Traeger Fine Art

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  1. azita 03.29.2013 at 2:29pm #

    Exuding: love animated gifs and love decorating eggs. Happy spring

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