lota’s 1-minute design videos: innovating the ordinary

(Video link here.) We’re sometimes leary of the trend of making useful things our of ANYTHING because the object made are often so homely. We find ourselves inspired by French Designer Pierre Lota’s video introduing his video series 1 Object in 1 Minute. His assemblages of coat hangers, paper, and spoons have a strong design sense, and his videos show them to be do-able. What the video’s really do is encourage us to see visually-appealing, useful possibilities for ordinary materials and realize we could, with patience and perhaps some experimenting, do them ourselves.

One of our favorites: a spoon bent into a hook you can rest on a table to keep your handbag off the dirty floor of a restaurant, something we’ve bought in more mundane-looking iterations.

Pierre Lota

We are now viewing wooden coat hangers as shapely building materials (we’d remove the hooks)…

Pierre Lota

Pierre Lota

via Design Milk

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  1. Linda 04.08.2013 at 8:30pm #

    Warning: DO NOT “create” a needed handbag hanger with the restaurant’s cutlery!

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