staircase of succulents + succulent sculpture

Dig this wondrous display of succulents on an unused staircase (well, er, we assume it’s not used, otherwise it would quite an unusual challenge to navigate)!

It shouts JOY and a kind of uninhibited artfulness.

Succulents are in the wind…or are we just SEEING them now?

Maria Robledo brought us one as a house gift. We lifted it out of its plastic pot and plunked it into a jar. It looks like a sculpture…

Sally Schneider

Sally Schneider

via ? (we can’t remember) via InsideInside 

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  1. leduesorelle 05.15.2013 at 8:21am #

    Am also finding myself craving succulents lately… love how yours looks like christopher niemann’s ap rabbit!

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