Paraplegic Woman Duct Tape Surfing on a Friend’s Back

To give his quadriplegic friend, Pascale Honore, the experience of surfing, Ty Swan, rigged a simple Kmart backpack (with leg holes cut out) to be a harness with which he could carry Pascale. Then he strapped her onto his back with duct tape. The video, pure gumption, valor and generosity, had us in tears.

Said Swan:

We were just sitting around one night having a few beers when I thought, `yeah, I reckon I could surf with Pascale on my back’. 

Everyone said we were crazy. Even the loosest people I know said we were crazy.

It’s one of the coolest uses of duct tape we’ve seen.

Jesse R Cass

Jesse R Cass

Here’s to the CRAZY ONES!!!!


via Swiss Miss, via Laughing Squid; photo by Jesse R Cas

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2 Responses to Paraplegic Woman Duct Tape Surfing on a Friend’s Back

  1. Annie B. Copps 06.10.2013 at 3:17pm #

    wow. as ever, thanks Sally for keeping me inspired and awed. xx

  2. Elizabeth 06.10.2013 at 6:05pm #

    Awesome. I’m going to share this with my readers, many of whom are in the disability world and will love it.

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