everyday improv: how to carry an umbrella

new ways to carry umbrellas

photo: sally schneider

We steer clear of old-fashioned umbrellas with a curved handle because we can’t stand carrying one more thing in our hands; we opt for a big pop-out folding Totes Golf Size umbrella.

THEN we saw this elegant man strolling in lower Manhattan the other day, his big classic umbrella hooked on his back between vest and shirt: secure and out-of-the-way.

A small bit of brilliance we love.

3 Responses to everyday improv: how to carry an umbrella

  1. Shannon 06.20.2013 at 6:33pm #

    In Porto, Portugal all the women who sell fish on the street do this with their umbrellas. The first time I saw it I thought, “Brilliant!”.

  2. John Dowdell 10.24.2013 at 5:08pm #

    I’ve tried hooking it on the neck, but it’s not stable. Here’s another trick:

    Take about nine feet of cord. Tie an overhand knot with the ends, so you have a 4-5′ loop. Throw a lark’s-head knot around the base at the ferrule, and a second lark’s-head knot just below the handle. Result: Two strands run along the length of the umbrella. Now you can wear it like a vest or a backpack.

  3. Sally 10.24.2013 at 5:09pm #


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