weekend fun: parcour and inner peace

(Video link here.) Long-time ‘improvised life’ reader Sahana sent this hour-long documentary about Parcour (also known as free-running) with this note:

leaping and turning obstacles into stepping stones  – …almost like dancing . a philosophy of movement .”

There’s LOTS of beautiful parcour as well as illuminating glimpses into the inside of the practice that is very much the creative process:

It’s all about progression. Every big move starts small.

He had the vision to see what he wanted to do. He understood each component part and kept at it until he landed it perfectly. This model that Paul uses can be used by anyone to accomplish nearly anything.( at about 17:30)

Parcour is about being in the moment.

If you’re not into watching it all at once, you can get a lot by taking little chunks at a time, or even JUMPING around.

Thanks Sahana!

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