richard woods’ fab colorful wood-pattern floors

richard woods and the lan cristea gallery

richard woods and the alan cristea gallery

When we stumbled on images of artist/designer Richard Woods‘ show D.I.Y at the Alan Cristea Gallery  in London, we literally gasped. LOOK at those floors!. They turn out to be Woods’ trademark vibrantly-coloured and exaggerated wood-grain motif.

…deceptively simple in form, these bold images are produced using traditional block-printing techniques and installed as parquetry (inlaying wood in geometric patterns)…

We’re always on the lookout for cool ways to paint our plywood floors, currently a neutral oyster color, when it starts to wear, or when we want to shift our view…

richard woods and the alan cristea gallery

richard woods and the alan cristea gallery

Woods has devised floor patterns based on offcuts in a range of patterns and colors.

richard woods

richard woods

Anyone know how he does it?

via Design Boom

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2 Responses to richard woods’ fab colorful wood-pattern floors

  1. Chris 04.15.2017 at 3:39pm #

    Apparently he is using a block printing technique (using house paint):

    Perhaps using something like this (just a speculation):

    For prints of this size, I would try and fix the linoleum on a flat piece of wood. Unfortunately, I am living in a rental, but would love to try it out on furniture.

  2. Sally Schneider 04.17.2017 at 12:15pm #

    I really like your thinking and sleuthing about how to do something re Richard Woods. When my painted plywood floors get beat up enough, I may try it.

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