solar-powered moon lanterns for summer nights

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Installing hardwired, outdoor lighting can be a big, expensive, all-too-often unaesthetic hassle, forcing you to put lights where you really don’t want them, and use commercially produced fixtures that are less than enchanting. One elegant, inexpensive solution is solar lanterns.

My favorites are Allsop‘s faux Japanese shoji solar lanterns available in a rainbow of lightweight polyester that mimics silk. Hang them anywhere outdoors where they receive at least 6 hours of sunlight on the small solar cells located on the top. They begin to glow as soon as dusk falls, and continue until around 4:00 am, when they slowly wink out, one by one.

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I like the gentle glow of the robin’s egg blue ones which I bought for a Blue Moon party* four years ago. Amazingly, they’re still glowing, despite having been left outdoors since then. (Note: we do not have hard, snowy winters.)
susan dworski

susan dworski

susan dworki

susan dworki


I wish I had a photo of my friend’s back yard in Taos in January, buried in snow, barren trees, with a swinging line of bright red lanterns reflecting like glowing red cherries on the ghostly lawn.


*On the rare occasion of a blue moon, I like to give an evening lawn party with a blue moon theme. Food, costumes, moony madness. Your imagination can fill in the blanks.
Shoji lanterns are available from Amazon and from

Susan Dworski

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4 Responses to solar-powered moon lanterns for summer nights

  1. Judy Sims 06.20.2013 at 1:20pm #

    Hi, love the lights! I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and was wondering if there was a website i could order them off? Thanks

  2. Sally 06.20.2013 at 2:45pm #

    I would check out Amazon CA… or Amazon US will ship.

  3. maura 06.26.2013 at 5:33pm #

    these are indeed lovely, but the website for the lantern is


  4. Sally 06.26.2013 at 5:43pm #

    Whoops. Thanks for the catch. We’ve corrected it:

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