hang your folding patio furniture, indoors + out?

Erin Boyle

Erin Boyle

We  were so struck by this vision of hanging folding patio furniture that we took the liberty of cropping it from a bigger image in a Gardenista post on the totally-unrelated subject, How to Stop Killing Your Succulents. The story made no mention of the clever and beautiful background of colored bistro furniture hanging on a wall. What an idea…perfect for the Fermob patio furniture we’ve been raving about.  Turn ’em upside down and hang them by their legs, up and out of the way. A practical solution for keeping extra chairs and/or tables on hand for a party, with curiously beautiful visuals (IF you’re in a place without high winds).

They’d also work fine indoors. Living in a smallish space, we’re always on the lookout for ideas about mutable, storable furniture that can be pulled out for impromptu parties (an essential part of improvised life).

There are lots of ways to go. You can hang full-size chairs…

(how to to store extra chairs + stools, on walls + shelves)…



…or clever vintage folding stools…(hangable, folding stools and chairs)…

Ellen Silverman

Ellen Silverman

…sawhorses can be a graphic element on a wall: (sawhorse tables as solution + sculpture)…


…we rely on Aalto-esque stacking stools

Alvar Aalto stool knock-off

…and of course, there’s makeshift and unmatched: (holiday resource: makeshift seating)

mismatched chairs: ikea

photo: ikea

…did the stack of artbooks topped with a pillow!


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