a floor that is a table and other cool ideas

Still + Company

Still + Company

Spotted at Still + Company: a mysterious unnamed interior with many cool ideas at one fell swoop. First off: the worn wooden table that doubles as a floor!  At one end you can sit at it at a Japanese-style low bench; at the other you can sit ON it. It makes for one of the most oddly mutable spaces we’ve seen.

Then there’s the floor of the room in the foreground: What IS it?!  painted? cemented hunks of stone? a brilliant linoleum?

We love the wood board shelf that holds a bicycle, among other things….

…and the book shelves along the stairs.

And what is that window-like thing in the background…that is reflecting…stone? Or are we looking through it to see another stone wall?. A mirror, meant to look like a window?  Totally after our own hearts.


d-i-y reverse painted glass as wall covering and…
the beauty of old mirrors (with pascal anson)
fab orange-frame mirror, inspired by a work of art
clever shelving configured for bicycle storage

2 Responses to a floor that is a table and other cool ideas

  1. Chris 07.17.2013 at 7:40am #

    Can’t really say what the foreground floor is (kind of looks like an unpolished lower-grade granite cemented in place), but I do believe that it is an open window at back, revealing another stone wall beyond a breezeway.

  2. Jackie B 07.17.2013 at 9:20pm #

    Impressive what a creative mind can do with small spaces! I love the multiple purposes of this room.

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