home ideas from the selby: cool fireplace decal + more

the selby

the selby

Since Todd Selby hit the big time, he’s been so busy photographing the rich and famous that the images at The Selby have yielded far less useable ideas than they used to, when his subjects were seriously original, eccentric, and..’er..REAL. So we were happy to spot these two usable and oddly charming ideas in his recent photo-essay of designer Yaz Bukeys live/work space in Paris:

Her wonderful, cartoonish decal fireplace…and her swell idea of hanging objects she likes on the wall withs string, picture hangers, nails.

the selby

the selby

Check out more great do-able revelations we found at The Selby:

chic rusty steel paperweight, via ‘the selby’

cool bike tape (another selby find)

fast-and-loose dining table via the selby

evocative ideas from “the best of the selby 2010″

chic, not shabby, drop cloth-draped sofa

good idea: chalkboard panel as disguise

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