video: sally makes fragrant herb salt + other goodies

(Video link here.) Before I moved up to Harlem, the great Lynne Rosetto Kasper, host of public radio’s The Splendid Table, visited me in my old Chelsea apartment to film me making Tuscan Herb Salt. It’s one riff in The Key Three — three recipes I consider essential in every cooks repertoire — featured on Lynne’s show this week. As always, there’s lots of ideas for improvising.

Listen to the whole segment here or here. And find recipes for Foolproof Roast Chicken and Essential Chocolate Cake for Improvising.

BTW, in the background, you’ll see elements I took with me to reconfigure in the new home: my 25 year-old hand-made kitchen cabinets, my trusty U.S. Range (built like a tank, with excitingly powerful burners), and the zinc-top island. I left behind the worn sink and 10 pounds of me, lost in the renovation process and the move across from a lovely park, where I can work out in fresh air.

If you look close, you’ll also see a photograph of a thoughtful upside-down naked Japanese woman on the fridge. It’s by Yumehara Hokume. Lynne and her crew edited nothing out!

yumehara hokume

yumehara hokume

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7 Responses to video: sally makes fragrant herb salt + other goodies

  1. Schuyler Ingle 07.22.2013 at 2:24pm #

    Sally, Why don’t you age? I don’t understand?

  2. Sally 07.22.2013 at 2:49pm #

    HO…thanks….but…’er…i don’t think you see to well my old friend (:

  3. Cydney 07.23.2013 at 6:20am #

    I have a big shaker bottle of your fragrant herb salt on my counter. I use it on EVERYTHING. I make for friends and family at Christmas. Thank you, Sally!

  4. Your Secret Admirer 07.23.2013 at 2:42pm #

    You are very, very cute! Do you ever go out with your fans?

  5. Sally 07.23.2013 at 6:51pm #

    Only my fiance who is the biggest and best one.

  6. Deb 12.10.2016 at 11:45am #

    Trying this now with sel Gris. I plan on adding lemon zest. Thank you for this great idea.
    My mind is going crazy with all the possibilities. Hugs to you ladies

  7. Sally Schneider 12.14.2016 at 8:47am #

    Love: “mind going crazy with all the possibilities”. Thank you!

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