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Every since we bought on of Grain Design’s Tyvek shower curtain, we’ve been fans of Tyvek’s ability to crumple like fine fabric, while being incredibly durable (after a year, the shower curtain is going strong…and a black Tyvek Issey Miyake bag we’ve had for years has only gotten softer and better looking).

Always on the lookout for lightweight re-usable bags for hauling all the stuff we find for our projects (and dinners), we really like the looks of this Tyvek carryall from Milk Design. At 23″ x 21″ x 12″, it’s roomy and oddly chic with its leather handle…yet it can fold down easily to carry as a spare bag. And Tyvek is endlessly washable (we’ve found leather does just fine in a washing machine, but not the dryer).  $35 + $5 shipping.

Milk Design also makes the tote out of green tarpaulin material. Both come in a smaller, boxier version.

A tool we’d use every day.

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  1. Anna 07.24.2013 at 6:36am #

    How utterly charming and ironic to find on “The Improvised Life” an item costing $35 (+ S&H) that could be made at home (make that Improvised) for a fraction of the price. I haven’t priced Tyvek lately, but the $$ are sure to be favorable, and stray pieces of leather (or hey—webbing, braided rope, sailor-knotted heavy twine…..) can be found anywhere. That photo would be a cinch to copy.

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