wondrous washi tape installation (you can do it too!)

(Video link here.) We written before about the wonders of washi tape, Japan’s version of masking tape made of rice paper; it comes in many colors and sizes, with an adhesive that is very gentle to walls. It’s the perfect material for instant-decorating. MT is the company that started it all and has an extensive line of washi masking tapes.

This video of an installation of MT’s tapes by designer Koji Iyama pushes the possibilities. We LOVE the rolls hanging from the ceiling.

We’re invisioning possibilities for an instant room dividier….

washi masking tape installation

Check out the full story and more ideas here.

via Swiss-Miss

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  1. Harriet 07.25.2013 at 9:08am #

    Oh my! I watched that video several times. Thanks, Sally! You introduced me to washi tape in one of your early posts.

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