what are you waiting for?

the whitney museum

the whitney museum

The Whitney Museum recently sponsored a public art project with artist Gary Simmons. To make the project, teens collected responses to the question,What are you waiting for?” from their classmates and the larger community. The handwritten scraps of paper were then photographed, printed, and wheatpasted onto a wall, creating a layered, complex, and sometimes contradictory collection of voices and opinions. They are on view twenty-four hours a day, at the corner of Gansevoort and Washington Streets. It’s a really great question no matter what age you are. We were struck by some of the answers:

For something different to happen…

Working my craft.

Nothing, I’m good.

A chance to prove myself.

the whitney museum

the whitney museum

It’s made us ask ourselves “What are we waiting for?”

Which then makes us wonder if there is something stopping us from doing what we really want/need to do…


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