wood coffee table with ‘yes’ + other signage furniture

roxane beis

roxane beis

We first posted  furniture designer Roxane Beis‘ work last march after we stumbled on her unique stenciled tree trunk side tables whose splits and cracks were vividly painted red. Only we didn’t know whom to credit. When a reader sent us an email with a link to Beis’s site, we discovered a trove of interesting furniture, like this slab wood coffee table, embossed with our favorite word: YES.

Which gives us a lot of ideas: using Beis’ basic design to fashion low tables on wheels out of salvaged wood, and especially stenciling or painting words we want in our field of vision, on all sorts of things: desktops, walls, stools, chairs… There’s nothing that to stop us from carving a word right into a wood piece, as kids mischeivously do, and stylist Charlotte Rust invited guests to on her outdoor dining table.

Here’s a round-up of ideas for placing signs, poetry, and powerful words on furniture, walls, ceilings…just about any surface:

roxane beis

roxane beis

fast-and-loose dining table via the selby

“guest” chair: a charming play on “guest book”

impromptu tape house numbers

diy fab painted house numbers

blank-canvas furniture

powerful words: devise, invent, create, change…

signs on walls: ‘how to work better’

diy: words on walls

more writing on the walls (indoors)

craftily painted tree trunk furniture 

Photo :  Henri Del Olmo

henri del olmo for roxane beis


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