jewelry artist + sculptor jill plattner at work

(Video link here.) Jewelry designer, Jill Platner gained fame for her chic, elemental “wearable sculptures” that are at once fluid and seem to mold to your body. (You can buy them at Barney’s, Twist and at her shop on Crosby Street in Soho/ New York City).  It seems inevitable that she’d eventually scale up her work to  make dramatic sculptures with that same fluid, kinetic feel.

We love this jazzy video of her process — casting, forging, heating and hammering — which is indeed painstaking and complex, and results in very alive sculptures like these:

'angel kisses' jill platner

‘angel kisses’ jill platner

'sir tangel' jill platner

‘sir tangel’ jill platner

More  here.

If you lust for her jewelry, Platner offers a unique recycling progam: bring (or send) her the gold jewelry you no longer care about. She’ll weigh it and give you a store credit, transmuting your old gold into something swell, and offsetting the environmental impact of mining.

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