‘do the one thing you think you cannot do’

own it oprah


Maria Robledo sent us this very wise quote from Oprah whose ‘Fail at it. Try again.’ echoes Samuel Beckett’s great ‘Try again. Fail again. Fail better. We especially like Oprah’s spin on it:This is your moment. OWN IT‘.

tightrope walker vintage photo


…imagine if we all ‘owned it’…!

tight rope walkers ??


Thanks Maria!

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4 Responses to ‘do the one thing you think you cannot do’

  1. Norma Hawthorne 08.12.2013 at 4:08pm #

    Hmmmm. I wonder if this applies to marriage? How many times do we get to try before we really are failures?

  2. Sally 08.12.2013 at 4:48pm #

    Now THERE’S a question!

  3. chrisina shmigel 08.12.2013 at 11:29pm #

    Made me think of the artist Janine Antoni teaching herself to walk a tightrope across the horizon…which lead me to find this great video of her doing it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_n2kfqNmpY Thanks, as always, for being inspiring!

  4. sahana martin 08.13.2013 at 1:10pm #

    Isn’t this just life ? How often have we done things that we thought we could not do, minor or seemingly more important .
    We do improve every time we try , even when we don’t reach our goal (or what we thought it to be ..) .
    Don’t run around thinking you cannot do something , don’t concentrate on that . We create our own obstacles .

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