diy or buy: stylish frayed-edge linen pillows

linen frayed edge pillow 1

Flipping through the new Crate & Barrel catalogue, we came across what seems like a bargain: “eyelash pillows”— big square two-tone linen pillows whose edges are sewn inside-out, to show their frayed edges. It’s a lovely play on a trend we’ve reported on quite a bit, most recently in Paola Navone’s frayed-seam slipcovers. It appeals to our desire to stip-down projects to their easiest, most compelling iteration, especially since we’re not that good with a sewing machine — yet.

These shouldn’t be hard to knock off. But at $30, insert included, they’re a bargain.

linen frayed edge pillows 2

And since washed linen pillow covers have a zipper, you can throw them in the wash.

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