relax + re-envision with commes des garcon’s moving six

(Video link here.) Whenever we are in Saks or Barney’s, we make a point to check out what’s going on at Commes des Garcons, fashion designer Rei Kawakubo’s line of consistently imaginative and unexpected clothing. It always shifts our thinking about what a shirt, dress, pant, coat can be, indeed what even constitutes men’s or women’s clothing.

Creative Director Anne Johnson alerted us to this video made for the launch of its iPad app, a retrospective look at the fashion house’s 1988-1991 bi-annual magazine SIX (referencing the sixth sense), that published only images.

The video is kind of a free-association of visual ideas that we find both charming and refreshing, with swell music.

We also recommend checking out Commes des Garcon’s very cool website.


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