annals of tiny: elevator shaft museum



Somewhere in downtown New York City, in an inconspicuous urban alleyway, an abandoned elevator shaft has been transformed into a tiny museum, a one-room exhibition space displaying an assemblage of unconventional artifacts and found objects. The museum documents everyday human history, a quiet reminder that art is everywhere…and the human ingenuity can transform even the most lowly and unexpected space, into something wonderful. 

When the museum is closed, you can peep through slots in the metal doors to view what’s inside.



A strange, fab little miracle, that two visionaries made happen.

Info here. Check out virtual catalogues of past exhibitions.

via Design Boom

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  1. Linda 08.17.2013 at 2:12pm #

    So cool. So obscure. So on my list of places to see during my next trip to The City.

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