found: chic, little black dress of bungee cords

black bungee cords

Over the years, we’ve relied on bungee cords for all sorts of uses, from strapping things onto a dolly or bicycle to lashing our patio umbrella to the terrace rails during a high wind (below). Having never loved the look of the old-fashioned rubber bungees  that eventually unravels and loses its elasticity (EXCEPT on Rene Herbst’s furniture), we were happy to stumble on the new, revised bungee, made out of stretchable polyurethane with molded nylon hooks. The Perfect Bungee is a whole other order of bungee —perfect? who knows — but really strong, though not as patently elastic. It will stretch to about half again its length, so an 18-Inch Perfect Bungee Cord will stretch to about 27″, 24-Inch Perfect Bungee Cord stretches to about #36.  Perfect Bungee Cords have a lifetime warranty, which we’re in the process of testing. (Stay tuned).

But what we really love is that they look much better than the traditional bungee.  The Perfect Bungee comes in pink, orange, red various blues, greens, and our favorite BLACK: the little black dress of bungees.

bungee lashed umbrella

You’ll find traditional bungee cords in black here.

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