‘always maintain a kind of summer’ (thoreau)

always maintain summer thoreau

It’s Labor Day, the tacit end of summer. I’m wondering if after all the s’mores have melted, the frisbees thrown, the lanyards woven, the barbeques fired up, the cocktail schmoozes sloshed through, and the group hikes up a trail to see the sun rise… after all these activities, maybe what’s really important about summer is simply doing nothing. 

Unleashed from the tyranny of electronic devices, outside pressures, and other peoples’ schedules, in summer we can meander along in strange woods kicking stones, paddle solo across lakes, watch squirrels cavort and chipmunks chikkker, and lie on beds of warm pine needles, lost in daydreams.

If we’re lucky, our outsides slowly begin to match our insides, our chakras line up once again, and we go forth with renewed strength and self-appreciation.

May you call on the feeling of summer wherever the year takes you.

—Susan Dworski















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  1. Alice 09.02.2013 at 2:57pm #

    Happy “Do Nothing Day” maybe?

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