grapefruit: yoko ono’s book of instructions


Always on the lookout for things that shift our view and spark ideas, we were very happy to discover that Yoko Ono’s 1970 book Grapefruit: A Book of Instructions and Drawings by Yoko Ono has been reprinted. It is a FINE book of instructions— koan-like meditations that will, in fact, make you see a little differently…

Yoko Ono Grapefruit earth-piece

…in a sort of back-of-the-mind way…

yoko ono grapefruit map piece

Yoko Ono Grapefruit Synopsis

More here.

We find one a day, especially in the morning,  like a kind of tonic.

The book also makes a surprising gift.

Thanks Holton and Maria!

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8 Responses to grapefruit: yoko ono’s book of instructions

  1. linda ruble 09.09.2013 at 12:16pm #

    Love it, but hard to understand.

  2. esperanza 09.09.2013 at 1:58pm #

    having the mind and the mind map, I love this book I read pity in parts but those parts give a lot of talk in my imagination I love him (:

  3. Sally 09.09.2013 at 4:41pm #

    Yeah, I think that’s part of how it works. You “get” with another part of your brain.

  4. Doug Menning 09.10.2013 at 7:38am #

    1961 .-

  5. Sally 09.10.2013 at 3:37pm #

    Yes, the original was published in 1961. Then Yoko made additions for an expanded volume in 1970 or so.

  6. Amy Daniewicz 09.10.2013 at 11:48pm #

    Ha! I love it! It does sound like a good source for a daily tonic, or a koan. What a find! I love your quirky posts. Amy

  7. Doug | 09.14.2013 at 8:58pm #

    I should have been dead by now December 1 1962 in Newport Kentucky . Mother throws water at the wall for 50 years-Father has a heart of gold depression baby’s married 51 + years time fly’s- Disinherited son-mother of my kids left for other men- stayed in A.A for 15 years alcoholism- a prisoner for 10 years-left hospital February 6 ,2013- Jehovah raised up May 12 ,2013_We live alone_ custody issues with kids pending Newport Kentucky_ did not no much about your husbands music or personal until May_ June 2013_ I’m complete_I don’t No anything we learn as I go_ I am the poor_ progress is slow learning alone_ We could use help_ Minecraft mine with me_please help_ [email protected]_ |I Love you, Yoko


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