diy wooden or tubular chair refurb with leather and cord

Meg Kemner

Meg Kemner

As we wander around the city, we often come across the often-beautiful skeletons of wood or tubular chairs and wonder what we could do with them. Usually, the structure is there, but an essential part is missing, like the seat or back. This DIY spotted on Design Millk  fuels our imagination and possibility-thinking. Scraps of leather and cord turn the vintage chair into hybrid that is curiously “other”, in a modernish sort of way.

Meg Kemner

Meg Kemner

We might have chosen different colors — say white leather and bright red or blue cord  to give the chair a Mondrian-ish twist — but the gist is great. All the materials are easy to get. Canvas with gromet-gunned holes would work as well, instead of leather. Wood chair forms could be painted.

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  1. Mary Kelly 10.01.2013 at 1:50pm #

    I have a metal / seagrass chair that the neighbourhood cats destroyed, and although I bought the seagrass to repair, I just never seemed to want to do it. This summer, I used brightly coloured large nylon rope and wove the seat and back with that instead of seagrass – it looks great, it was inexpensive and it has a totally different attitude. Tried to attach a picture here, but couldn’t make it happen.

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