the pleasures of ‘dirty pink’ in home decor

laboratory pink wall

Sally Schneider

“Paint one wall in your bedroom pink”, Maria Robledo advised during the course of the Laboratory’s renovation. My generous friend with a brilliant eye for color had become my ad hoc paint color advisor. “But have it be a dirty pink, and paint it glossy” she went on, “not a bright loud pink.” Then she helped me pick it out: Benjamin Moore’s Gentle Butterfly, in high-shine oil-base.

It was the first time I’d heard the concept of “dirty pink”. The effect, hard to capture in photos, is a subtle pink that changes color throughout the day, without asserting itself. It gives the room a happy, peaceful glow.

laboratory pink wall 2

Recently I stumbled on some other examples of “dirty pink”, like the wall of this Copenhagen apartment found at sf girl by bay:

pops of pale pink in copenhagen

photo: sfgirlbybay

…And the “dirty pink” chairs photographed giorgio possenti at Desire to Inspire

sitting room with books and pale pink couch

photo: giorgio possenti


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