2 weeks in Sri Lanka in 2 minutes: many improvs + a leap!

(Video link here.) Daniel Klein and Mirra Fine made a fast, sweet video of their 2 weeks traveling through Sri Lanka by foot, moped, car and boat. Turning OFF the irritating music makes for an inspiring little journey of swell everyday improvs. We especially love the LEAP at 1:50.

It’s one of many illuminating escapist videos at The Perennial Plate; they remind that there is a whole OTHER way of doing things…

Thanks Susan!

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One Response to 2 weeks in Sri Lanka in 2 minutes: many improvs + a leap!

  1. Jim Dillon 10.09.2013 at 9:46am #

    I like the quick glimpses of cooking gear, especially the dual chopping knives and the mortar/pestle. What do you think about a big, really really tall pestle like that one? Seems to me like you could really do some serious crushing that way.

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