dance in your head to jungle’s platoon

4 Responses to dance in your head to jungle’s platoon

  1. Meg Manderson 10.11.2013 at 7:54am #

    She, Sally! Even more fab!

  2. karin koller webb 10.11.2013 at 11:07am #

    While I of course found the skill involved impressive, I can’t say the child appeared to be having fun. Too much ‘adult in the shadows’ for my taste..

  3. jody 10.14.2013 at 10:30am #

    thank you! i loved this! reminds me of so many days and nights in the disco some 25 years ago!…interesting…this child is harnessing a lot…makes me curious. She might very well be having lots of fun. Is she a character or is she in character? Either way, i feel like dancin!!

  4. Sally 10.21.2013 at 10:29am #

    She looks determined to me, like an artist really engaged.

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