Put Art on the Ceiling with Your Trusty Staple Gun

We were hanging out at our friend Isabel Rowers’s room, watching as she decorated her room with an antique Japanese garland she’d found in a second-hand store. What we love, in addition to Isabel’s wonderful mashup of color and design, are the posters and photographs afixed to her ceiling with a staple gun.

So our frequent recommendation to LOOK UP, really yields a shift of view in Isabel’s room.

The question is: what view do you want to look at when you lie in bed?

Sally Schneider

Sally Schneider

Are for the practicalities. We’ve used a basic staple gun for this purpose. It shoots fine into drywall. We haven’t tried it in a plaster ceiling. When pulled out (with a plyers), the staples leave little holes that can be easily spackled and repainted. Or left. Most people don’t look up at a ceiling if nothing big draws there eye there.


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