Friday link-o-later: cool links for weekend reading

Optical Illusion Sofas You Can Sit On: a useful optical illusion to make a room look larger, even with a real sofa?

Beautiful LEGO, A Book Featuring LEGO Masterpieces Built by Designers Worldwide: inspiration for one of our favorite building fantasy materials.

Steven Curry’s swell photo essay, Child’s Play is truly an ‘exultation of the possible’ —uninhibitedly improvised toys and games.

Putting On Einstein’s Glasses via the Great Krulwich Wonders. IF you’ve got the right eyes, IF you’ve got the eyes of a mathematician, you will find patterns inthe rich, teaming world that others don’t see. Like this.

Popular Mechanics 110 Best DIY Tips Ever This is a TROVE. Our favorite is # 6:  If you’re farsighted and lost your reading glasses, punch a pinhole in cardboard and peer through it to read small type.

Cyclique, A Magical Floating Light Show Made From 256 White Balloons: a teeny video vacation.

Photographer Richard Renaldi takes random people he meets on the street of New York City and asks them to pose in pictures together as if they were family. Check out the unexpected and very moving effect in this short video.

Polaroid Makes a Comeback After Polaroid cameras disappeared, many of us were bereft, missing the instant gratification and inadvertent effects of the film. Great news. Polaroid is BACK, in a new (though rather pricey) iteration.

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