A Fab Fabric Room via Christopher Baker

We were leafing through photographer Christopher Baker’s beautiful portfolio when we stumbled on this eccentric, charming  “room” made by hanging patterned textiles across a beam. The image is so clear, we felt like we could walk around in it, taking in its many ideas.

We are curious about what looks to be a canvas dropcloth under the worktable in the background: a canvas rug? And we were struck by the unusual positioning of a daybed at the foot of a big bed: quirky, charming…it makes us want to go in and hangout.

Christopher Baker

Christopher Baker

If you don’t have a beam to hang fabrics, you could achieve the same effect using a wire line strung from one wall to the other. (We’re thinking of Ikea’s Dignitet curtain wire.)

But it’s the mashup of mismatched fabrics that we find so appealing, the work of a great “eye”. There’s no indication of whose eye that is, although “Charlotte Culot House” appeared on the image when we uploaded it. We wonder if it is Charlotte Culot, the artist

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