6 liberating truths about our bodies, from a massage therapist

Who among us doesn’t secretly feel ashamed and less-than-ok about our bodies? Count me among that multitude. Judging our bodies in the U.S. is a national pastime and obsession. Too big, too small. Too much, too little (except maybe the fab Beth Ditto, above, though her nipples appear to have been airbrushed out).

We catch a glimpse of ourselves sideways in the glass doors of our local supermarket and wonder:  Are we okay? Is our enough really ENOUGH?


Our rush to judge ourselves can be harsh and unforgiving.


So it was with a massive sigh of relief that I read long time massage therapist Dale Favier’s take on bodies in Elephant Journal:
 Women have cellulite. All of them.
Men have silly buttocks.
Nobody looks like people in the magazines, not even models.
Adults sag.
Everybody on a massage table looks beautiful. There are no exceptions to this rule.
 I’ll tell you what people look like, really: they look like flames. Or the stars, on a clear night in the wilderness.


Susan Dworski "Odalisk Windows"

Susan Dworski “Odalisque Windows”

He goes on to describe the reaction of clients when they lie down upon his table:
At that first long sigh, at that first thought that “I can stop hanging on now, I’m safe” – a luminosity, a glow, begins. Within a few minutes the whole body is radiant with it. It suffuses the room: it suffuses the massage therapist too…
He goes on to confess: To let you in on a secret: I’m in it for the glow.


I’ve posted Dale’s inspirational words on the bathroom mirror. Whether they’ll stick, or disappear in the steamy dampness is up for grabs.
Susan Dworski

Susan Dworski

Just in case, I have a backup set inside the medicine chest. Because I want to hang on to that glow.

3 Responses to 6 liberating truths about our bodies, from a massage therapist

  1. Jane Dale 11.19.2013 at 3:34am #

    A huge nugget of much appreciated love here.
    Pure and simple love.

    Acceptance between us.
    However we be.

  2. Arlaine 11.19.2013 at 5:07am #

    Thanks, I feel better going out the door this morning, already!

  3. Sally 11.19.2013 at 10:38am #

    Me too. Thanks!

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