maria robledo: the perfection of everyday imperfections

Writing about “as-is messed up walls and floors” made us remember a quote from our friend Maria Robledo, whose work invariably captures the wondrous imperfections in the daily world that make them so completely perfect. (It echoes the principle of wabi wabi we love so much.) Eagle-eyed Susan Dworski stumbled on the quote in Naked: Flowers Exposed,  accompanying Maria’s photo of a white calla lily.

As soon as you try to
Imagine improvement you collapse in recognition that
even slight imperfections
belong so completely that to question them becomes well
beyond one’s length.
— Maria Robledo
The creases in the tablecloth that a stylist might have ironed out (why?), the remains of wine in the glasses, the feeling of something having happened-and-gone are all part of a mysterious, wondrous perfect-imperfect moment Maria captured. As are these roses a few moments past their prime…
Maria Robledo

Maria Robledo



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