Cool D-I-Y Rope and Stacked Block Shelves

We’ve long admired this wonderful stacked block shelf we clipped years ago. It is made of scrap wood (salvaged from a lumbar yards garbage bin) that was bored, threaded and secured with thick rope, and hung from hooks anchored in the wall.

Then we wondered: What if you didn’t bother with the rope part and just screwed (and glued) pieces of scrap hardwood wood together to make “blocks” to hold up shelves; then screw the shelving to the blocks to secure them? The key would be that the wood be clean-cut (though not necessarily symmetrical), sanded and oiled, and to make sure the blocks balance properly.


Another imaginary design we hope to try one day in real life.

via Inhabit

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  1. Lindsey 12.13.2013 at 4:04pm #

    Oh my! These are wonderful shelves.

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