The Festive Funk Machine: Make Your Own Holiday Music

Sometimes the crazed “festive” holiday thing has the opposite effect: bringing on the blues. If you’re feeling a bit low, we recommend the sweet, fun Festive Funk Machine. Click on any of the robots to start making your own music…add in or “mute” any of the instruments  — from violins and bells to baselines and percussion —or voices — from angelic to rap —  to rev it up or strip it down; each element curiously works with the other.


With thanks to the amazing Lisa Morphew




One Response to The Festive Funk Machine: Make Your Own Holiday Music

  1. Kim Sykes 12.24.2013 at 5:53pm #

    I loved this funk machine so much that I sent it to all my favorite funky musician friends as an I love you Holiday Card! I can’t wait to hear their combinations! There must be a way to record each masterpiece! Thanks Lisa Morphew and Improvised Life! Happy Holidays to you!!!!

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