Getting Ready for Christmas Day via Paul Simon

(Video link here.) Paul Simon’s ‘Getting Ready For Christmas Day‘* seems like a fitting ALT song for the run up before Christmas. It’s upbeat, secular, a tad political, full of social commentary and interwoven with excerpts from a 1941 sermon by the Rev. J.M. Gates, an influential preacher and Gospel singer.

There’s also a lot of things leaping and flying around, good imagery for the coming New Year…

We recommend playing it loud!

Lyrics here. The song is from Simon’s 2011 album So Beautiful or So What.

One Response to Getting Ready for Christmas Day via Paul Simon

  1. Denis K. 08.17.2016 at 12:46pm #

    Paul Simon one of the great lyricists, Getting Ready For Christmas Day love this song, happy go lucky tune and great lyrics

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