Find: Big, Stylish, French Striped Dish Towel / Napkin

Over the holidays Ellen Silverman gave a dinner party for 14 and wanted a special napkin that guests could take away with them to remember the event. She found some inexpensive but wonderfully stylish big red striped cotton dish towels that a friend machine-embroidered with a pretty design. They were in perfect keeping with the wonderful bistro-ish meal Ellen made featuring a pot au feu.  And, at 18-inch-by-28-inches, they are wonderfully ample, giving you that “tucked in” feeling when you place them across your lap at table.The blue striped ones are also swell.  

blue stripe dish towel napkin

At less than $3.50 each, they are a bargain to use as napkin and/or dish towel or…And a stack of 8 or 10 would make a great gift. (Though more expensive, the quality is WAY better than the Ikea ones we know so well.)



4 Responses to Find: Big, Stylish, French Striped Dish Towel / Napkin

  1. Karen Langley Stephen 07.22.2014 at 1:41am #

    So where did she find these wonderful napkins/towels? I’m doing a fund raising dinner at our lovely Farm and desperately need 50 of them -ASAP! Where can I buy them? I’ll be forever grateful – thanks 😉


  2. Karen Langley Stephen 07.22.2014 at 1:45am #

    Ok – shoot me! I just scrolled to the top and saw the obvious – at least I found the source of those great towels lol!

  3. Cathy 11.04.2016 at 7:08pm #

    Well I didn’t see source at top so where do we purchase them!

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