DIY Floor Stencils Transform Banged-Up As-Is Floors

We love this inspired DIY featured in Remodalista recently: rough-hewn banged-up floors embellished with dramatic stencils spotted in the showroom of Chairloom in Philadelphia.  The how-to cuts down unnecessary steps and make the most of the floor’s as-is beauty.

chairloom stencil floor 2 via remodilista

Artist Ilene Pearlman created a stencil out of large 5’+  piece of corrugated cardboard which she found in a dumpster.  We see that she cut and pieced the stencil with tape to make the shape she needed. After creating the design, she cut it out and “laminated” the entire stencil with tape to keep it from absorbing moisture from the paint.

chairloom stencil floor 03 via remodilista

The usual method is to paint a first coat of primer to allow paint to adhere. Pearlman JUST used primer, then applied a protective coat of polyurethane on top of the stencils.

Rather than finishing a wood floor before stenciling, this how-to gives license to stencil away, on top of all that history.


Photos via Chairloom

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