More Fab Dirty Pink Walls: Kitchen in the Veneto

A while ago, we posted about painting our walls “dirty” pink on the recommendation of Maria Robledo who has a great eye for color. The subtle, muted, ever-changing-with-the-light pink defied our photographic capabilities; the images didn’t come across as strongly as they should have.

Maria recently sent this great example of “dirty” pink: a photograph by Stefano Scata of interior decorator Paola Angoletta’s kitchen in a valley of the Veneto mountains.

Stefano Scata

Stefano Scata

Dirty, perfect, beautiful.

(We also love the rough edge of the stone on the counter.)

More images (and more pink) here.

One Response to More Fab Dirty Pink Walls: Kitchen in the Veneto

  1. Ines 01.28.2014 at 8:18am #

    Beautiful, Sally. I think dirty pink in Spanish is rosa viejo (translated: old rosa), interesting, right?

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