Sanded Egg Cups: How We Hack Gilded and Shiny

We’re at it again, hacking household items to tailor them to our liking. This time: vintage egg cups bought on Ebay. We love their elegant shape but NOT the cheapish gold edge on the rim.

So we used our trusty extra-fine sanding sponge to remove the gold rim and strip the egg cup down to its pure, beautiful shape. We use these sponges whenever we want to dull something that’s too shiny, remove paint, TAILOR household items to our liking: just sand lightly or hard depending on the effect.

It’s the same method we used for dulling the shiny vintage fondue forks we bought on Ebay to use as cooking forks

fondue fork cook's tool w sanding pad

Sally Schneider

…and to take the green paint of a heating pipe and turn it into a sculpture, among other things.

sanded heating pipe

Sally Schneider

Zoro Tools sells a wide variety of contour abrasive sanding sponges (we buy them in bulk). Amazon also sells them.

Sally Schneider

Sally Schneider

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