A Stunt Video’s FEELING of Risk (Watch at your own…risk)

(Video Link HERE.) Holton Rower sent us this video of professional stunt people doing their thing.

As we watched with baited breath, we realized we knew the feeling well: of taking a risk once we’ve done everything we can to master what we are doing, but are nevertheless without a net. There are so many unknowns being in the world; we’re ALL always walking on SOME edge…

Why take risks? we wonder.

We choose some of our challenges (for the very personal meaning they hold), and others we just get, a part of life, to make of what we will. We’re reminded of Sue Austin, deep-sea diving in her wheelchair in order to “re-envision the familiar.”

Sue Austin

“To re-envision the familiar” is very good reason for taking on any challenge.


via Mustang Wanted

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