Tiny Plywood Studio Morphs into a Gallery via Pegs

We got a lot of ideas taking a little photo tour of the versatile 66-square-foot artist’s studio Anaan Stern and Shany Tal designed in Tel Aviv. There are many kinds of clever storage: shelving, sliding panels, drawers of all sizes…

But what we liked best are pegs you insert into small holes bored into the plywood sliding panels, to hold works of art or open books and make an ever changeable private gallery.

Gidon Levin

Gidon Levin

Because it has a window along on entire wall, the tiny space doesn’t feel closed in. Yet it morphs wonderfully. There’s a fold out bed for taking a nap or staying over if you’re working late.
Gidon Levin

Gidon Levin

The lesson: IF you have a place to store things, you can live/work pretty happily.

via Design Boom

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