Jars (and other Glass) Labeled with Markers

We often scroll through long house tours —even ones we’re not crazy about — to extract the few ideas we can use. Spotted at Remodelista recently: an iteration of a favorite theme: marking on glass. Here water-based, all-surface Uni-Posca markers are used to label glass canning jars (they come in different point thicknesses and colors). When you change the contents, just wash the jar.

We’d use these markers for other glass and mirror markings…

like writing our guest’s names on their wine glass so they don’t lose them and need another…



…Writing on a sheet-of-glass “white board”

Adam Mørk

Adam Mørk

…or tiles…

porcelain tiles as whiteboard

Mikko Ryhänen

…or writing a note to self or to our love on the bathroom mirror or tile…

bath tiles with sign

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