‘Will It Beard’s Strangely Inspiring Beard Improvisations

The curiously uplifting site, Will It Beard features a completely unique beard of the week, or perhaps better put: an iteration of the same beard, that of Pierce Thiot, an L.A.-based art director. He and his wife Stacy imagine a new beard embellishment to put in his beard every week and she photographs it. So far they’ve covered floss, gummy monkeys, a chick, combs, scissors, pencils, bows, razors…as well as beard-dos like the one above.

What started as a challenge for a talent show has become an addiction. Says Stacy: I can’t stop thinking about what we can put in it, now that we’ve started this. 

The couple has made some videos of their beard installations in action. We particularly like this one involving spaghetti.

These candles are pretty rad:



…not to mention balloons.



The possibilities seem literally endless: improvisations in the realm of beard, with the beard acting as art space and incubator.

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