Shopping Cart Lawn Chair/Lounger

The supermarket shopping cart has always seemed to us to be a splendid raw material, its metal-grid walls and sturdy wheels rich with possibilities. Artist Mike Bouchet figured out how to transform it into a moderne, beautifully-designed object of leisure. Using a metal grinder/saw, he alters the frames, cutting off the sides and modifying their front and back panels by bending them backwards or forwards to achieve comfortable angles that make them work as lawn chairs and loungers. The carts’ kid’s seats are repositioned to serve as headrests. Although there is a slight spring to the design, Bouchet includes cushions for added comfort.

Bouchet’s work explores the contradictory nature of modern values through a juxtaposition of aesthetics. He utilizes the glamorous and mass-produced visuals of pop culture in contrast to the dirty, wasteful, and corporeal elements inherit in contemporary lifestyles. —Cumulus Studios


Mike Bouchet and Nathalie Karg / Cumulus Studios

Bouchet isn’t the first to hack a shopping cart. They have long been a material for artistic hacking, like Tom Sachs 1966 Shopping Cart Chair that has been auctioned at Sothby’s for thousands of dollars…

We especially like this loveseat that industrial designer Doug Meyer crafted out of two vintage mid-century shopping carts.

The first step to hacking a shopping cart is….to swipe one….

Thanks to Cara de Silva!

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