Julia Child Shows How to Edit Video Tape + More

(Video link HERE. Vimeo won’t let us show it right on our site but it’s worth clicking the link to watch. Fern Berman sent us this hilarious tiny video of the great Julia Child showing how to edit video tape, a game spoof on her own inimitable French cooking show. She was generous, secretly funny and completely herself. And because of all those qualities, she was a great improviser.

Her show The French Chef was always surprising. We remember her dropping a fish —or was it a chicken?—  on the floor (on camera), picking it up, and washing it off, doing what any cook would do: cook it anyway! Your guests will never know.



We love Julia’s REAL cook’s kitchen, a far cry from today’s cooking shows. Behind her: her famous pegboards, marked with silhouettes of pots so she’d know where to hang each one after she’d used it.

We recommend checking out the trove of Julia episodes on YouTube; they are unny and enlightening. We especially love her improvising on Letterman when the hot plate didn’t work. (Video link HERE.)

via The Atlantic from the American Archive of Public Broadcasting

Thanks Fern!

2 Responses to Julia Child Shows How to Edit Video Tape + More

  1. Tey 03.07.2014 at 9:49am #

    I’m all a-sigh after watching the Julia Child videos, Sally. She was an exceptional woman, and so funny! Thanks for posting these clips.

  2. Sally 03.07.2014 at 10:45am #

    Hey They! Yes, she was really something. I was at a few food events with her, with all sorts of people clammering to meet her. She was always HERSELF, and especially kind to young cooks who were just starting out.

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