Keith Haring’s Apartment Ignores Prewar

We recently came across some photos of Keith Haring’s apartment on Broome Street in the 1980’s. It was a railroad flat with prewar-ish lines. Haring totally ignored and defied “prewar”…and transformed it into a very original space, graffiti’d like crazy. EVERYTHING was a canvas to draw on. We especially love the fridge and his unique extra bedroom solution. 

Laura Levine

Laura Levine

We have read that since Haring and his boyfriend Juan Dubose shared the apartment with a friend.


To maintain some privacy, they slept in a camping tent. We’ve considered tents, along with other structures, in our mental imaginings of pop-up guest rooms and room dividers and forts to give our guests some privacy. We would have loved to have seen Haring’s.

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