The Teleporter Will Beam You Around the World by Chance

We’ve often wished we could beam ourselves Star Trek-style to different places and realities. And often the internet has seemed close to providing that ability — Almost. It’s just come a step closer.

Canadian artist Jim Andrews has created Teleporter, a website that will transport you to a random place in the world with a click of your mouse: chance encouners of a 3rd kind. The site opens with a shot of the Tardis, the sci-fi spacecraft Dr. Who uses to travel through space and time.  Andrews chose the Tardis image since “The Tardis is a little unreliable–you’re not quite sure where or when you’re going.” Using his Teleporter, you could end up anywhere; the algorithm calculates a random latitude and longitude somewhere on Earth, and then finds the closest panoramic photo in Google’s archives. Your travels might range to a park in the Amazon Basin to a grave on an island in the South Atlantic and then a boat in Russia to the Andes.

We find that the unexpected visual ‘jumps’ DO curiously feel like we’re being instantly transported…

And it’s kind a mind-expanding way to start your day OR escape in the midst of it…

via Fast Company


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  1. Linda 03.11.2014 at 12:42pm #

    This was really interesting. As I teleported to locations 1-15 my challenge was to “spin around” and guess where I might be located. Then I would “map” to see how close… not surprisingly I was 2 for 15. What a trip!

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